Hi all,
I am a newly hired Foreman with Berry Petroleum out of Taft, CA operating a Frame 6B in combined cycle.  I am new to frame turbines so forgive me if my question sounds fairly basic.
We are coming up on a quarterly water wash outage and historically (as I’m told by my lead tech who has been here since dinosaurs) after opening the breaker on the generator and shutting the unit down, the site as done a series of three 30 minute cranks followed by an hour of waiting before starting another 30 minute crank.  I’m being told that we can only do 3 of these 30 minute, followed by one hour rest in a 6 hour period due to limitations on the diesel starter and/or torque converter.  When I asked what those limitations were there were none provided.
Additionally, I’m told that on start-up we will need to ratchet the turbine for minimum of 8 hours before we can go for a start as the rotor may have bowed while we were down.
Unless there are defined mechanical issues with either the diesel or the torque converter I see no reason why we can’t run them indefinitely until the turbine cools down to GE spec before doing the water wash.  If properly cooled down and the turbine hasn’t sat idle for days or weeks on end, I see no reason why we wouldn’t be able to go for an immediate start either.
Would really appreciate some feedback on this from users with more experience then me (which isn’t saying much)!
Thank you!
Tom Hundley

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