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Jeff is currently a Distinguished Engineering Associate with ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company in Spring, Texas. He has been employed with ExxonMobil for over 36 years and is currently the Global Technology Lead for ExxonMobil’s heavy-duty gas turbine fleet, including 18 GE Frame 6B engines.

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He graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1982. During his college career he also worked as a coop student for Mobil Oil where he helped build some of the first ”express lubes” in the country, and too at Exxon Chemical Co. where he got his first exposure to rotating equipment.

Jeff continued working with Exxon after graduation first in Linden, NJ, and then in Baytown, TX, where he has specialized in engineering, operation and maintenance of pumps, large turbo-compressor trains, and gas turbines.

Jeff Gillis

Co-Chairman, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

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Sam has been employed by Colorado Energy Management now (Heorot Power Management) for over 26 years and is currently the Operations Manager, responsible for all operations and mechanical plant maintenance for several sites, generating 580MW, with a variety of gas turbines, including Westinghouse, GE and Siemens.

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His career with Colorado Energy Management has encompassed a variety of rolls including that of a millwright during the construction of simple and combined cycle units, and too, as a field operator and a control room operator.

Sam’s combustion turbine expertise also includes Frame 5′ s and Pratt & Whitney FT8 Twin Packs.

Sam’s GE Frame 6 CT is one of the few peaking units approaching 4000 starts and 70,000 operating hours, where overhauls have been performed in-house.

Sam Moots

Co-Chairman, Colorado Energy Management

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B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Prairie View A&M University
Total of 18 years experience in Gas turbine repair and outage planning with GE Energy.
Five years with the Maintenance Planning & Execution group of Chevron

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Responsible for the quality assurance of HDGT major capital part repairs and component life optimization.

Robert B. Chapman, Sr.

Turbine Repair Engineer, Chevron Maintenance & Planning Execution

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James, better known as “JC”, has worked in the combustion turbine power generation industry for over 27 years. Beginning in 1989, JC served as a Production/Operations Engineer for Formosa Plastics Corporation (Baton Rouge, LA) for 19 years.

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In that role he oversaw the operation of three GE Frame 6B gas turbines each equipped with supplemental fired HRSGs, two back-pressure extraction steam turbine generators, package boilers, the plant compressed air system, and a 220 ton per day air separation plant.

In late 2008 JC moved to BASF (Geismar, LA) to work as a Utilities Department Technologist (alongside Mr. John F. D. Peterson). At BASF, he monitors the performance of two GE Frame 6B gas turbines (both steam injected and one capable of burning dual-fuel), four power boilers, the site compressed air system, a steam turbine generator, and the BOP equipment for the Utilities Department.

JC earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Louisiana Tech University in 1989.

James C. Rawls

BASF-Geismar Site

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Mike Wenschlag started his career at Chevron in 1989 where he worked in operations at the newly built Cogen plant located in the El Segundo refinery.

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In 1995 he started working as a project coordinator on a refinery wide control system upgrade and a third Frame 6B unit added to the refinery. From 1997 to 2001 Mike was the operations lead outage coordinator for the El Segundo Cogen. From 2002 to 2008 Mike was the operations trainer at the El Segundo refinery.

After working a short time as a refinery supervisor, Mike went on to become the El Segundo Cogen Specialist until his addition to the Chevron Power and Energy Management team in June of 2013.

Currently Mike is the embedded support for the El Segundo Cogen plant that consist of 4 Frame 6B units equipped with a dual pressure supplemental fired HRSG’s along with the support equipment for the plant.

Mike Wenschlag

Chevron Global Power

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Zahi is the Utility Plant engineer at Huntsman Petro. Chemical where two GE Frame 6Bs(DLN) gas turbines provide plant power.

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He is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University (class of 1980) where he subsequently joined Texaco Chemical. Co. which later became Huntsman in 1994.

Zahi’s professional experience includes engineering, operations, and maintenance of power boilers, gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators.

Zahi A. Youwakim

Huntsman Petro. Chemical

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