2017 User Conference

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Monday, June 19, 2017 thru Thursday, June 22, 2017

La Cantera Resort & Spa

16641 La Cantera Parkway
San Antonio, TX 78256 USA
Phone: 210-558-6500

The Vendor Fair

Tuesday, June 20thth

John F. D. Peterson Award

Bob Hoeft

2017 Recipient of the John F. D. Peterson Award

I am pleased to announce that the 2017 John F.D. Peterson Award is being presented to Bob Hoeft. Bob Hoeft is a 34 year retired veteran of GE Energy having been involved with the design and field support of GE’s heavy duty gas turbines.

More on Bob Hoeft

After his retirement in 2004, Bob continued to support GE as a consultant for 8 years.

Bob holds a Bachelor and Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Minnesota. Following graduation in 1967 he held a position with The Boeing Company where he was involved with engine airplane matching studies and off design performance of aviation gas turbines. He joined General Electric in 1971 as a gas turbine design engineer where he designed gas turbine blades/buckets and rotors. Bob later served as Manager of Gas Turbine Rotating Components Design, Manager of GT Product Machine Design with responsibility for the rotating and structural components for the gas turbine product line. In 1991 Bob was named Manager of Gas Turbine Service Engineering where he was responsible for technical support and problem resolution for the installed gas turbine fleet worldwide. Bob also served as F class Turbine Technology manager and last served as Gas Turbine Chief Engineer responsible for insuring design integrity as well as providing technical support for Services, Sales, and Marketing activities that leveraged his extensive experience in design, lifing methods, manufacturing processes and the maintenance/operation of heavy duty gas turbines.

Throughout Bob’s GE career he was actively involved in customer support activities. The hot gas path Maintenance Factor methodology was developed by Bob during his Service Engineering assignment where this came out of customer requests for a better understanding of how the specifics of a turbine’s operation impacts maintenance requirements and life cycle costs. At that time, Bob authored the revision of GER3620 that incorporated the maintenance factor discussion. Later, as GT Chief Engineer, Bob developed the rotor maintenance factor methodology which he again included in GER3620. For GE, the Maintenance Factor approach became a key tool for the Service organizations in its O&M aftermarket business operations as well as with new unit sales proposals. For the Users this was tool that could assess the impact of operational changes on maintenance costs. Bob was heavily involved in the early Frame 6 fleet issues, where he led root cause and corrective action teams addressing issues relating to stage 1 bucket creep rupture, stage 2 bucket tip shroud lift, IGV bushing wear, rotor vibration, Nozzle deflection and oxidation.

Bob was a strong supporter of Gas Turbine User Groups where he saw them serving an important role for equipment operators in sharing experience and presenting a unified voice in dealing with the manufacturers concerning issues and need for corrective action. The Frame 6 Users Group is a prime example of how effective a User Group can be in achieving fleet reliability through a firm turbine supplier interface. Bob often was a presenter at Users Conferences where he learned that you had better come prepared which for him meant no smoke and mirrors, get into the details of the physics behind the root cause conclusion, and present fact based evidence that the corrective action addressed the root cause.

Today, Bob shows up as a consultant on LinkedIn but his priorities involve lake living, travel and having fun with his eight grandchildren.

Keynote Address

Jim Vono – General Manager, Global Repair Solutions
Power Services
2017, General Electric Company.

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Gas Turbine – Partload and Operational Tradeoffs

Michael A. Cocca

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6B Control Systems

Joy Alvarez

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Power Digital Cyber Security

Rob Putman

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Fleet Updates

Erik Hilaski

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Jason S DiSanto

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6B Gas Turbine Interval Management

Annie Knight, 6B Engineering Platform Manager

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ORAP® Reliability Benchmarking Events, Age, Operations, Analytics

Lynne Bellizzi

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