2016 User Conference

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Monday, June 13, 2016 thru Thursday, June 16, 2016


PGA National Resort & Spa

400 Avenue of the Champions
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418 USA
Phone: 1-888-758-0945
Group Code or Block ID: 22234

The Vendor Fair

Tuesday, June 14th

John F. D. Peterson Award

Bob Schwieger

Bob Schwieger

2016 Recipient of the John F. D. Peterson Award

I am pleased to announce that the 2016 John F.D. Peterson Award is being presented to Bob Schwieger of Combined Cycle Journal.

More on Bob Schwieger

A little biographical information on Bob. Bob was born in the Bronx in 1943, where he spent most of his life before moving to Las Vegas to start CCJ. He earned his BMarE, 1964, State University of NY Maritime College at Fort Schuyler and a Certificate in General Advanced Mathematics, 1968, Carnegie Mellon University. Bob started his engineering career on merchant ships as a Third Assistant Engineer, oceans, unlimited horsepower.

After suffering from a bout of scurvy, he moved over to the land-based nuclear power side, where he learned his favorite saying, “Electricity too cheap to meter.” He spent time at the Atomic Energy Commission and at Westinghouse Electric Corp in their Advanced Reactors Division. Fearing he would cause some kind of nuclear outfall, Bob switched gears and moved into the publishing realm where he headed up magazines like Power Mag and Electrical World. He has published hundreds, if not thousands, of magazine articles focusing on power-generation technology, edited books on acid rain, fluidized-bed combustion, and other topics, and presented numerous times on power-generation equipment during his four decades in publishing.

Bob started Combined Cycle Journal in late 2003 to serve the information needs of end users at gas turbine facilities. Always a believer that good information is a terrible thing to waste, he began attending user groups, meeting wonderful friends like Mike and Wickey along the way, hammering away at that laptop taking notes, and asking “typical Bob questions.” Certainly he has been a fixture at the Frame 6 User Conferences over the years. It is with great pleasure that we present the 2016 John Peterson award to him.

“Inlet House AirFilters” Zahi Youwakim, (Bio), Huntsman Petro Chemical.

Inlet House Air Filters

“6 Steps to Successful Component Repairs”

Hans Van Esch,

Component Repairs
“Cogen A-Train Inlet Silencers”

Kevin Campbell, (Bio),
Chevron Global Power.

A-Train Inlet Silencers

“A Roadmap of Collaboration Better Together”

Amit Kulkarni, (Bio),
GE Power & Water.

Keynote Address
“Flange To Flange”ot;

Crerston Dempsey, (Bio), GE Power & Water.

Flange To Flange
“Fleet Update”

Erik Hilaski, (Bio), GE Power & Water.

Fleet Update
“Unlocking The Potential”

Julio Mestroni, (Bio), GE Power & Water.

Unlocking The Potential
“Digital Power Plant”

Mark Hachenski, (Bio),
GE Power & Water.

Digital Power Plant
“Plant Reliability”

Jermee Wetherby, (Bio),
GE Power & Water.

Plant Reliability
“Safety Roundtable Discussion Topics”

Jeff Gillis, (Bio),
ExxonMobil Chemical Co.

RT Discussion Topics
“I&C Roundtable Discussion Topics”

Mike Wenschlag, (Bio),
Chevron Global Power.

RT Discussion Topics
“Turbine Section Roundtable Discussion

Zahi Youwakim, (Bio),
Huntsman Petro Chemical.

RT Discussion Topics
“Compressor Section Roundtable Discussion Topics”

JC Rawls, (Bio),

RT Discussion Topics

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  • GTBARS (Gas Turbine Bucket and Rotor Supply)
    (Monday Evening Welcome Reception Bar Sponsor)
  • Trinity Turbine Technology, LP
  • Precision Iceblast Corporation
  • Olympus
  • ACT Independent Turbo Services
  • Emerson
  • Allied Power Group
  • Advanced Turbine Support
  • Young & Franklinn (Tuesday Breakfast Sponsor)
  • W. L. Gore & Associates
  • Zockman Products, Inc.
  • Gas Turbine Controls
  • Power Systems Manufacturing (Thursday Afternoon Shop Tour Sponsor)
  • SSS Clutch Company, Inc.
  • National Electric Coil
  • Petrotech
  • EthosEnergy
  • CSE Engineering, Inc.
  • Combustion Parts, Inc.
  • Philadelphia Gear
  • Cullum Detuners
  • POWMAT Ltd
  • ECT, Inc.
  • Praxair Surface Technologies
  • Conax Technologies
  • Veracity Technology Solutions, Inc.
  • Pioneer Motor Bearing, Inc.
  • Protec Services, Inc.
  • Conax Technologies
  • Hy-Pro Filtration
  • Turbine Technology Services
  • Universal Plant Services
  • Bearings Plus
  • AGT Services
  • Camfil Power Systems
  • Polar Clean
  • Universal AET
  • Turbine Generator Maintenance
  • Reliable Turbine Services
  • Sulzer
  • Turbine Controls & Excitation Group
  • Gas Turbine Parts & Services
  • Orr Protection Services
  • AAF International
  • Forney Corporation
  • ProEnergy Services
  • Bremco, Inc.
  • S.T. Cotter Turbine Services
  • Braden Mfg.
  • Hansen Turbine
  • Florida Turbine Tech
  • Liburdi Turbine Services
  • PowerPHASE, LLC
  • MISTRAS Group
  • Express Integrated Technologies
  • Turbine Diagnostic Services
  • Texas Bearing Services
  • Fern Engineering
  • Global Tech Services