2012 User Conference

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Monday, June 25, 2012 thru Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hyatt Regency Greenville

220 North Main Street
Greenville, SC, USA 29601
Phone: 1-864-235-1234

The Vendor Fair

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

John F. D. Peterson Award

Scott Berry

Scott Berry

2012 Recipient of the John F. D. Peterson Award

It is with great pleasure and a deep sense of gratitude that the Steering Committee awards Scott Berry the 2012 John F. D. Peterson Award.

More on Scott Berry

Scott Berry, currently with Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) located in Richmond, Indiana, the 2012 recipient of the Frame 6 Users Group “John F. D. Peterson Award” recognizing extraordinary contributions to the Frame 6 Users Group and the combustion turbine industry.

Scott was born and raised in Richmond, Indiana. After graduating from high school, he joined the Navy’s nuclear power program and served as a Nuclear Electronics Technician (Reactor Operator). Upon completion of service, Scott worked in the electrical controls industry for five years before accepting a Combustion Turbine Operator/Technician position with Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) at its Richmond (Indiana) Station in 1994.

As a Combustion Turbine Operator/Technician, Scott maintained the electrical and mechanical systems on IMPA’s Frame 6 units and operated them mostly during the peaking season. In 2000, he was promoted to Plant Superintendent of Combustion Turbine Facilities, overseeing the operations of IMPA’s two peaking stations in Richmond and Anderson, Indiana. While in this role, Scott managed the replacement of the inlet guide vane metallic thrust washers simultaneously on all four of IMPA’s units without removing the turbine rotor. By doing this work without removing the turbine rotor, he was able to save IMPA nearly a million dollars while keeping the outage time of the units at a minimum. Scott credits the Frame 6 Users, especially John Peterson, with their much appreciated assistance going into the IGV thrust washer project. After seven years as Plant Superintendent, Scott was promoted to Generation/Compliance Engineer for IMPA, a role in which he oversees IMPA’s compliance with reliability standards (NERC) and environmental regulations. Additionally, in 2011, Scott earned his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology at Purdue University after attending college at night for many years. He was later promoted to Senior Engineer, Compliance.

Soon after joining IMPA, Scott began attending the Frame 6 Users conference for the valuable information he would gain from them. During that time period, various companies would host the conference and bear the cost of the meeting. When the industry experienced retail wheeling and as the nation was recovering from 9-11, companies found it difficult to bear the substantial cost of hosting a conference and the conference ceased for a few years. In 2004, Jan Polewaczyk of Foster Wheeler Martinez gave Brian Walker the job of putting together a Frame 6 Users conference. Brian contacted Scott along with other previous users to form a steering committee and a conference was held in Las Vegas. Scott counts as one of his contributions that in 2005, he was instrumental in bringing Goose Creek Systems, Inc. (Wickey Elmo) to the attention of the Steering Committee. (GCSI now coordinates the conferences, allowing the group to meet every year without the need for one host to shoulder the increasing costs). In 2010, Scott resigned from the steering committee due to the time requirements of his compliance position.

Scott has been married for 24 years to his wife, Denise. They have two daughters, Brianna (12 yrs old) and Marissa (10 yrs old).

“When Bad Things Happen To Good Turbines”
A. Shuman, PAL Turbine Services, LLC
Bad Things Happen

“Gas Turbine Rotor End of Life Testing”
P. Tucker, F.I.R.S.T./TBS
GT Rotor EOL Testing

“Baytown: Fiber Optic Flame Detector Retrofit”
J. Gillis, ExxonMobil Chemical.
Flame Detector Retrofit

“Baytown: IGV LVDT Relocation”
J. Gillis, ExxonMobil Chemical.
IGV LVDT Relocation

“Beaumont: Wheelspace High Temperature Troubleshooting”
J. Gillis, ExxonMobil Chemical.
Wheelspace High Temp

“Baytown: GE TIL-1576 End Of Life Inspection Results”
J. Gillis, ExxonMobil Chemical.
GE TIL-1576 Results

“Baytown: IGV Outer Bushing Clearance”
J. Gillis, ExxonMobil Chemical.
IGV Bushing Clearance

GT Outage Planning Particulars”
Zahi Youwakim, Huntsman Petro. Chemical
GT Outage Planning


Vendors Attending

  • Advanced Turbine Support
  • Cutsforth
  • Combustion Parts Inc.
  • ACT Independent Turbo Services
  • Meggitt Sensing Systems
  • Brush GMS
  • Praxair Surface Technologies
  • AGT Services, Inc.
  • National Electric Coil
  • Genex Turbine Technologies, LLC
  • PIC Group, Inc.
  • CAMFIL FARR Power Systems
  • Philadelphia Gear
  • ECT, Inc.
  • Conntect, Inc.
  • DRB Industries
  • Precision Iceblast Corp.
  • Mechanical Dynamics & Analysis, Ltd
  • Powergenics
  • W.L. Gore & Associates
  • Dresser-Rand Turbine Technology Services
  • PSM An Alstom Company
  • EagleBurgmann EJS
  • Young & Franklin
  • Gas Turbine Controls
  • Emerson
  • Braden Manufacturing
  • POWMAT, Ltd
  • Wood Group GTS
  • Rochem Technical Services
  • Conax Technologies
  • TurboCare, Inc.
  • NAES
  • AMETEK Power Instruments
  • Inpro/Seal
  • TDC Filter
  • Sulzer Turbo Services
  • CSE Engineering, Inc.
  • Trinity Turbine Services
  • Donaldson Company, Inc.
  • Bremco, Inc.
  • Stork H&E Turbo Blading
  • American Fire Technologies
  • Turbine Generator Maintenance
  • Turbine Blading & Parts, LLC
  • Groome Industrial Service Group
  • Universal Plant Services, Inc.
  • Riverhawk Company
  • Pneumafil
  • Chromalloy