This year, the Power Services team marks a significant milestone – 40 years of innovation in our 6B gas turbine fleet from our first win in 1978 with Montana-Dakota Utilities Company (MDU) to our most recent project with Saudi Cement in 2018.

It all began when GE shipped the world’s 1st 6B gas turbine to MDU’s Glendive Power Plant in Glendive, Montana. Not only is the unit still in operation but GE’s historic roots span further – when the plant was built it included 2 GE turbo-generators and 3 GE coal-fired sterling boilers. Fast forward 40 years. We’re still innovating and marking milestones with this fleet, which spans 1150 units in nearly 70 countries on 6 continents with 65+ million operating hours … 85% are still in operation today powering communities from Abu Dhabi to the Virgin Islands and industries from chemical plants to paper mills. The fleet has earned an industry reputation for rugged reliability with a global fleet reliability of over 98% … ~2% better reliability and 5% more availability than the industry-peer average, equaling some 17 additional days of operation.
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